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Discovering Cellular and Molecular Strategies to Treat the Ravages of Cancer Heart Failure

The Cardiothoracic Translational Research Laboratory is focused on turning a deeper understanding of the complex biology of cancer and heart failure into a new generation of cellular and molecular therapies. The lab’s cancer research focuses on untangling the mystery of metastasis, a pathologic phenomenon that remains both poorly understood and still responsible for most cancer deaths. Heart failure, in turn, affects more than 5 million Americans and is already the greatest single economic burden in American health care, yet no existing therapies can either halt or reverse the disease process.

The Translational Research Lab is exploring the molecular signatures of metastatic tumors, which in turn may reveal both earlier and more precise diagnostic capabilities as well as novel treatment mechanisms to prevent or arrest metastasis. It’s decade-long exploration of the molecular controls of cardiac cell growth and adaptation is beginning to yield novel pathways for intervention that may, for the first time, allow the reversal of cardiac structural and functional deterioration.

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